There’s an old Indian proverb about six blind men who meet an elephant for the first time.

One feels a leg and declares that an elephant is like a pillar of stone. Another man rubs the elephant’s side and sagely states that an elephant is like a brick wall. Another feels the ear and argues that an elephant is like a fan. Another grabs the tail and calls out, “An elephant is like a rope!” Yet another feels the trunk and exclaims that the elephant is like a snake. Last of all, another blind man feels the elephant’s tusk and tells the others that they’re all wrong. In his opinion, an elephant is like a spear.

I often tell people this story as a way to explain how their body is behaving when it gets subluxated. Vertebral subluxation has such a wide-ranging effect on human health that sometimes it can be mistaken for other things.

For example, I’ve seen women with subluxation who are experiencing lower back pain, painful periods, sugar cravings, jaw pain, headaches, mood swings, fertility problems and skin conditions. And all of those symptoms were caused by the one subluxation pattern.

I’ve taken care of children with a subtle misalignment of the bones of the spine and skull who had problems breast-feeding as a baby, then suffered colic, learning problems, bedwetting and sore knees. All from the one subluxation pattern.

Men have come to me with neck pain, tingling arms, mid-back pain, indigestion and trouble sleeping. Again, all from one subluxation pattern.

Trying to treat each individual symptom in isolation is often about as effective as each individual blind man’s description of the elephant. It usually means more drugs, more surgery and more time and effort spent trying to deal with each manifestation of the subluxation.

The key to the philosophy of chiropractic is that we search for the cause of symptoms or diseases rather than just try to treat the symptoms. By taking a broader view and looking at the whole person, the chiropractic approach allows us to see things that other practitioners might not.

By taking care of your nervous system with chiropractic, eating well, exercising regularly and giving yourself the rest and recuperation time that you need, most common health challenges that tend to arise will disappear naturally. Even better, they may never arise in the first place!


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