clean undiesI’m going to make an assumption about you. When you wake up each day, you put on clean undies. Am I going OK so far?
Furthermore, I’ll bet that you don’t think much about whether today will be a “clean undies” day or not. You just put on clean ones. I doubt that you wait to feel sufficiently inspired or motivated to have a “clean undies” day. It’s just something you do, without really even thinking about it.
Somewhere along the way, you made a decision in your life that putting on clean undies each day was just a thing that you did. Maybe your mum told you that you should always wear clean undies “… in case you get hit by a bus.” Personally, I think that if a bus hits you, the state of your undies is the least of your problems. Mums say weird things, sometimes.
Nevertheless, at some stage, you made a decision and you’ve stuck with it ever since. Go you! Some of you have made a similarly committed decision about how you eat, how often you exercise and how regularly you get your spine checked.
That’s the power of a committed decision. It drives your behaviour. You don’t have to invest time and energy into re-deciding. It just becomes a part of who you are.
But where there’s power, there’s often also danger. The danger lies in our unexamined choices and habits. Those decisions can become part of who we are too, without us even noticing.
If there’s an area of our life that’s causing us stress, it’s likely that there are some unexamined choices and habits that are not supporting us.
It’s the sum total of our decisions about what we do and how we respond to the world around us that determine our health and happiness.
Now that another New Year has ticked over, what could you make a decision about, once and for all?
I hope it’s something more than catching up on the laundry!

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